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We want to help all Christians grow closer in their relationship with our Lord. One way to do this is to “hear” God’s voice in our hearts and “see” God’s hand in the events of our lives. 

We plan to highlight the many testimonies of men, women, and youth and we are looking to you for help. Have you experienced a “God Moment” that you would be willing to write up and share with us? A story that illustrates a time when you know God was present in your life? A story that inspires us to have faith that God hears and answers our prayers? A story that reminds us of the endless love of our Lord? 

By writing about your personal encounter with our Lord, you can be a beacon of hope and a breath of inspiration to others as they walk with Christ. 

Please submit your story below. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will need to fill out the first form. Thank you!

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When something happens in our lives and we can’t really explain it - that’s a God Moment. Even if it is just for a second, we know that something greater than ourselves has touched our lives. It can be a peace that washes over us in a difficult time, it can be a prayer that has been answered, it can be a friend that entered your life, it can be a moment you witnessed compassion or mercy. It may be a time when you “saw” God in someone or something or “heard” Him in your heart. At times, we recognize God Moments immediately – like when our hearts are struck by a sunset or a rainbow. Many times we don’t recognize God Moments right away. Sometimes thinking back on a situation, we realize that what we experienced days, weeks, months or sometimes years before was a God Moment.

We call them God Moments because they are of God. God is in them, God is all around them, God created them especially for you to know of His presence in your life.

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1. Think of a time in your life that you are positive God had a hand in things. If you cannot think of one that happened to you, but know of one about a family member, then write about that family member.  

2. This story should be 3-10 paragraphs in length. Some of your stories will be complex and others will be simple. Either way is great, just make sure it is a time you knew God was working in your life.   

3. Use descriptive adjectives and words. Set the scene so the reader can visualize the circumstance. Build the story from beginning to end so the reader can follow along in sequential order. Intertwine how God is present in your story or how afterward, you knew this was a God Moment.  

4. On each of your stories, please list your name, town, state, and parish you attend. If you don’t want your name associated with the story, just write (anonymous) or use a pen name instead.

5. If you are a young adult, teenager or child, add on your age and school you attend.

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Growing Catholics is expanding to reach different age groups with appropriate level resources and material. Therefore, we will accept writings from Catholic adults, young adults, teenagers, and children (with parental approval, of course).  There is great power in peers witnessing to other peers!   ​

Your God Moment

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