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CCD/Faith Formation

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MAGNIFY helps youth and parents come to know Christ through the truth of God’s Word.   

Like you, we are educators with a passion for young people and know the importance of  integrating the family into faith development.   MAGNIFY speaks into the everyday lives of families to trigger engagement in Scripture and a relationship with our Lord 

Magnify provides practical, life applicable, engaging content intended to stimulate families to live out faith in day-to-day life.     

Easy to implement, fun, & engaging. 

  • For  10  days families receive by text/email:  
    • 1-2 minute real life video reflection 
    • A powerful "Truth" that teaches a life lesson based on the theme of the day. 
    • A practical "Challenge" that guides families to put into practice new ways of thinking and acting, all for the purpose of providing an anchor during life's difficult moments. 
    • A call to action to develop simple, daily spiritual habits and youth driven practices to live out the faith. 


  • All challenges are attainable,  hands on,  and  designed to lead the family to different ways of meeting God in everyday life.  

    MAGNIFY adapted its 30 Day Challenge to a 10 Day version specially designed for CCD families.  Content was intentionally chosen to parallel the CCD curriculum. 

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MAGNIFY enables parents to become more involved in the faith formation of their children and deepen their own faith formation.   

Parents receive suggested discussion prompts at the end of each Challenge with language and questions to engage their children in natural conversations about our faith.      

MAGNIFY is an innovative platform to spark in-depth faith discussion within the CCD classroom and more importantly, within the family.   

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or Confirmation sponsors are welcome to gain access to  Magnify for free as part of the family program.  We all know young people sometime relate to other influencing adults and turn a deaf ear to their parents!  Basically, we will leave this choice to the family and are flexible with changing family circumstances. 

Sample Daily Videos

Each day your students will read a verse from scripture, hear a young person's reflection on the verse, plus engage a "Truth" and "Challenge" for that day.  Below are a few snippets from the daily videos.


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