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How Can Parents Be Involved?

MAGNIFY is a scripture-based approach that equips the entire family to talk about tough topics using carefully selected verses that will also normalize scripture and its practical application in daily life. 

  • Parents have the option to gain free access to the challenge from their child’s school and mirror the program alongside their teen
  • Parents will be prompted within the parental digital sequence with simple material on ways to spark discussion with their child on each day of the challenge.   
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Benefits to the family include: 

  • Introduces or revitalizes family prayer time especially for teens.  
  • In conjunction with the school, it reinforces the message for teens that issues like stress and anxiety should be talked about, that people around them care and love them, and faith is vital for happiness.  
  • Provides language and context for parents that struggle how to bring up these issues.  
  • Digital format so it’s native to the teen’s use and easy to access for parents. 
  • Helps normalize talking about faith and encourages real conversations between family members and peers. 
  • 2-5 minute daily time commitment over 30 days. 

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