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Youth Ministry

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MAGNIFY helps youth come to know Christ and make Him known in our current culture

Like you, we believe in the next generation of Catholics and share in the call to minister to teenagers. 

MAGNIFY provides practical, life applicable, engaging content delivered right to teen phones. This program is designed to stimulate youth to put their faith in action in day-to-day life. 



Easy to implement, fun, & engaging. 

  • For 30 days teens get: 
    • A video reflection by a peer.
    • A powerful "Truth" that teaches a life lesson based on the theme of the day.
    • A practical "Challenge" that guides teens to put into practice new ways of thinking and acting, all for the purpose of providing an anchor during life's difficult moments.
    • A call to action to develop simple, daily spiritual habits and teen driven practices to live out the faith. 

All challenges are attainable, hands on, and designed to guide youth to different ways of meeting God in everyday life. 

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Sample Daily Videos

Each day your students will read a verse from scripture, hear a young person's reflection on the verse, plus engage a "Truth" and "Challenge" for that day. Below are a few snippets from the daily videos.


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