What People Are Saying About Growing Catholics

I like how the Daily Messages bring meaning and the peace of God's presence into my day. There are always a million things on my mind but reading the verses reminds me that God is my number one priority.

-High School Student

I like being able to reflect on the words of the Bible in a deeper way. On my own, I might not have been able to make as many connections as I did in class. Having open discussions allows me to grow closer in faith and trust with my classmates.

-High School Student

The Growing Catholics Daily Messages helps me realize how much the Bible can connect to my own life, help me fix doubts and problems I may have, and learn how to grow closer to God.

-High School Student

I like how kind and loving the Bible Verses are. I could feel God saying them out loud.

-6th Grade Student

Reflecting on the Daily Messages helps me to know God better. 

-4th Grade Student

I love seeing God's beauty every day.

-5th Grade Student

Growing Catholics has such beautiful images that it grabs the students' attention the moment they enter the classroom.

-Joe Aquilante

Religion Department Chair

I think it's a treasure to be able to display such faith-filled messages on our Smart Board and discuss the messages with my class. It also gives me as a teacher something meaningful to reflect on every day. 

-Father John Donia

Campus Minister

Growing Catholics Daily Scripture Messages are simple, but profound, inviting the reader to reflect and integrate them in their day to day lives

Thank you Growing Catholics!

-Heather Makowicz


 What a treasure it is to me to receive daily inspirational quotes to pass along to my Kindergarten students and see their joyful faces! Growing Catholics is indeed a valuable tool to spark the Faith of students of all ages!  

-Ann McCauley

Kindergarten Teacher

Growing Catholics has enriched us personally and spiritually. It is a great addition to our classroom. The children love when there is a cute or pretty picture with the message! 

-Sister Hannah

4th Grade Teacher

 The beginning of this year has included many sorrows and struggles for my students and these quotes always lead us back to our strong faith in God helping us, always being with us, and equipping us to get through tough times. It is so inspiring to see ten-year-olds start each school day with the constant reminder of God's love for us! 

-Carrie Giordano 

5th Grade Teacher

 I enjoy the daily message from Growing Catholics on Facebook each day.

A great pause for reflection in my day!

-Mary Ann Korpics

Parisioner, St. Joseph

After dealing with worldly stuff, I enjoy an image that is pleasing to the eye and a message from Holy Scripture or the words of a saint to lift my thoughts to God and provide a short respite from the daily grind. I especially enjoy the times when they share amazing insights from High School students. Thank you and God bless you, Growing Catholics.  

-Tom K. 

Parishioner, St. Joseph

I hear God's voice in my heart every day I read these Bible Verses. They have been such an inspiration to me, especially during difficult days.

-Margaret Peterson

Parishioner, St. Ignatius

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