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Thank you Growing Catholics for the Communion webinar. Corinne has such charisma - it was like I was in a room with her, and she was leading the session in person. She truly has a gift to be able to connect with her audience.  I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar! 

-Greg Staszowski

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My husband and I LOVED the Confession webinar.  Very engaging and thought-provoking.  We plan to use the 10 finger spiritual exercise with our children.   

-Janice Boyd 

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Just minutes after Meigan’s Confirmation webinar ended, I received many messages from parents telling me how much they loved her!! Well done!

-Michele Gordon, Director of Religious Education, St Alphonsus Parish, Ambler, PA 

Parish Parent Webinars 2022/2023

Winter Series

I have a confession to make: I'm not sure about Confession! 

Through practical examples and informal conversation, this webinar will help us to appreciate the great gift of Reconciliation and some real life ways to approach the sacrament.  Whether it's been 1 week or 45 years since your last confession, everyone will benefit from an overview of the mercy and freedom being offered by Christ. 

DATE: Tuesday, January 10, 2023    7:30pm  

Presenter: Father John Donia  

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What’s Your Superpower? (Confirmation Prep) 

Did you know the Holy Spirit has given each of us a specific gift that we are meant to share with others?  Find out your superpower during this engaging presentation by a parent who didn’t discover her own until recently.  And … at the conclusion of this webinar, be ready to go and share this gift with the world!   

DATE:  Wednesday, January 25, 2023     7:30pm  

Presenter:  Meigan Kelly 

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Finding Peace in a Chaotic World 

What is going on in the world and where is God in all of this? What Can we do to bring harmony and peace to our world and our home? We can't control the chaos, but we can transform our hearts and minds to allow God's grace to bring us peace. When we do that, we teach our children to do the same, and on and on the cycle goes. 

DATE: Monday, February 6, 2023    7:30pm  

Presenter: Lisa Corcoran  

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Communication: Matt, You’re Ranting Again 

That’s what my wife says when I get a little too heated in our discussions. She’s become an expert communicator in our 14 years of marriage and I’m still learning! Join this humorous yet faith filled discussion on best practices in communication with your spouse and children.  

DATE:  Tuesday, February 21, 2023     7:30pm  

Presenter:  Matt Kinsch 

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Keep Holy the Sabbath: Restore Your Soul 

Sundays aren’t just about fulfilling our obligation to go to mass. They are meant to be restful, restorative, and a time to connect with those we love. But, this season of parenting is a busy one; it's difficult to make time to stop and relax! Find out how to slow down and step into rest each Sunday. 

DATE: Sunday, March 5, 2023    7:30pm  

Presenter: Anne Metz  

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Raising Children Grounded in Faith 

Let’s face it: raising children today is difficult!  Raising children in the Catholic faith makes it even more challenging with the strong pull of popular culture.  Come listen to a regular dad who integrates faith into his family effortlessly and every day!

DATE: Monday, March 13, 2023    7:30pm  

Presenter: Ed Norcia  

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You are What You Eat (Communion Sacramental Prep) 

"This is my body, given up for you." These are life changing words spoken by Jesus. What does it mean for us to receive His real presence in the Eucharist? Discover the answer during this interactive webinar and learn how to become transformed by the experience of receiving it. Join in this reflection on why Communion may be the most powerful and hidden gift God has ever given us, one that changes us from the inside out. 

DATE: Wednesday, March 29, 2023     7:30pm  

Presenter: Corinne Gannotti 

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