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What is MAGNIFY?

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  • The 4 Pillars of MAGNIFY include

    • Who is God?
    • Who am I? Identity as a child of God
    • Adjusting Mindset when things are tough
    • Training our hearts and minds for a lifetime
  • MAGNIFY videos and spiritual challenges are fun and relatable.

  • Video reflections are presented by young people who include authentic, real-life experiences with God.  

  • MAGNIFY shows families how to find hope, comfort, and life direction no matter your age or circumstance.

  • Long after MAGNIFY ends, families are equipped with tools to help them form daily spiritual habits as individuals and as a family. 



  • Each day you open the challenge, you will be greeted with a short video reflection.

  • The reflections, presented by young adults, include personal faith stories that are relatable to both parents and youth.   

  • After the video, there is a powerful "Truth" that teaches a life lesson based on the theme of the day.

  • Each day, you'll also receive a "Challenge" that families can do together. This is a practical way to put faith into action. 

  • You'll also receive a downloadable Family Journal to document the journey. 

  • MAGNIFY is flexible. The brief, but powerful videos are easy to fit into your busy schedule. Plus, there is no set timeline so you can work at a pace that suits your family.  

The videos and written components are simple, direct, authentic.


What Families Are Saying...

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I just have to say this, I wasn’t sure how the parent/child pairing would work, but let me tell you, it has been such an amazing journey. Just the fact that we are sitting down together, openly and willingly speaking about God has been such a miracle in itself.

-Christy Burgess, Parent

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I never knew how to have a relationship with God and now I am beginning to.  I talk to Him a lot now and try to listen to Him in my heart.     

~Alessia M., Teen

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I have been going through Magnify with my thirteen-year-old son. Though it is tough for a boy that age to sit still for very long (unless it's to play video games!), he is usually engaged by the videos and the challenges have prompted him to share some things I didn't know were in him. I have to say that this program has given us an opportunity to talk about the Faith in a way we never have before. 

-Mike Barone, Parent


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MAGNIFY is endorsed by the Archbishop of Philadelphia:

"MAGNIFY is Growing Catholics' latest initiative to help our young people navigate the pressures of their lives by embracing the Word of God and affirming in them God’s great love and a hope-filled heart."

-Most Rev. Nelson J. Pérez, Archbishop of Philadelphia

MAGNIFY Happiness for Families



  • Access to 30 days of Magnify Happiness video series
  • A Family Journal
  • Parent prompts to facilitate discussion